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The nurturing, non-aggressive spoon form has been inspirational in my work for many years. Human in character, with bowl head and handle body, made in numerous variations from many materials, the spoon resonates across cultures with playful idioms in many languages.

These Juicy spoons, ’spoons of many colours’, can be displayed in an arc like a rainbow, in groups of flavours (from blackcurrant through lemon to strawberry), or boldly on their own. All are unique, individually made, with their own character.

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Juicy Spoons were inspired by watching the root of a radish curl and dry in the sunshine – the bowl being the base of the radish and the tail handle inspired by the root. The colours came from smells and tastes remembered from eating Spangle sweets as a child. The square shaped boiled fruit flavours individually wrapped that when you sucked them thin cut the roof of your mouth. The same sweets that when you held them up to the light were like the coloured glass in church windows – magic filters for the world on the other side.

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