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On Dec 04th ’14, Arts Council of Wales announced Chris as a Creative Wales Ambassador for 2014/15

As the Creative Wales Ambassador, Chris returned to  the University of Hawaii, where she was visiting Professor twenty-five years ago, to show work and where she could access to technical support, state of the art facilities and equipment.

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Creative Wales Ambassadors are selected following a nomination process. The nomination by a Wales based organisation and an organisation out of Wales are linked by a project initiated by the artist. The award is to the artist. However, the project that the artist undertakes must build creative links between Wales and the world. It is therefore the work of the artist that acts as ambassador for the creativity of contemporary Wales.

Chris working with the University of Hawaii at Manoa documented her thoughts and experiences in  her story ‘Alldaith Goleuni /Light Expedition by Chris Bird-Jones’ on Facebook ,  WordPress , Twitter & in person at Ruthin Craft Centre.

Chris was interviewed on ‘A Feast of Friends’ with DJs Nocturna & Lana Saldania on public radio, KTUH 90.3 FM, about her award, her work and her Honolulu exhibition – ‘ohi, ho’ahu, gather, casglu’ . To listen click here.