Tree of Life and Knowledge

Set in Ysgol Dinas Bryn’s main entrance,  the design is informed by visual work produced by the pupils. It includes direct responses to their drawings, many of which are reproduced in the borders and final artwork. Chris held a series of initial workshops with the ‘eco group’ comprising members from all years in the school. This nucleus was supplemented with more drawings produced in workshops with years 7, 8 and 9. Themes explored included environmental, social, cultural and natural issues referencing history, technology and art. Chris’ recently graduated student, local parent Lynn Charlton-Blore, led these and later glass making workshops at the school.

The flowing ribbon tendril lines in the main body of the design refer to the seven continents represented in rainbow colours celebrating Llangollen’s international links with music, dance and song. The eye can follow the path and journey of each individual coloured line mapping the trunk and branches of the tree form.

The composite design is constructed from rectangular glass panels measuring 20 x 30 centimetres surrounded by a transparent bead and multicoloured border of 10 cm squares. Each of the 300+ pieces is unique and has been made from sheet, fritted and powder glass that has been fired several times in the kiln. These pieces, including several made by staff and pupils of Ysgol Dinas Bran, have then been assembled and bonded onto a toughened 6mm sheet of base glass.

 stained glass llangollen 05040005 IMG_0077 IMG_0111 IMG_0178 IMG_0186 IMG_0213 IMG_0218 IMG_0231