Chris Bird-Jones

Embryonic 2 Chris Bird Jones-Karen Heald

Artist’s Statement

I consider myself to be an artist and educator. I have been working with glass for over 30 years. From the start of the new millennium until January 2008, I was senior lecturer in glass at the University of Wolverhampton. I directed the Masters Programme and lectures in the Welsh School of Architectural Glass at Swansea Metropolitan University from ’08 until ’12.

Since, during and before my academic focus I exhibited  work and have produced site specific architectural glass installations all around the world. I have delivered the artistic objectives of commissioning bodies together with the technical requirements of architects to produce community focal points as a sole artist, in collaboration with other artists and as a group leader inspiring and guiding community engagement.

My work methods vary in creative and technical approach – producing both individual constructed and cast pieces.

I embrace Research Active as an endless and exciting prospect to experiment and find new inspirations in emerging technologies and new materials or techniques.   Recent collaborations have combined glass with film, utilised flame-worked glass and incorporated photovoltaic inclusions for sustainable, self-illuminating structural and decorative walls.


For many years the basis of my practice has been founded on the quality of light within a space or object. My work is often concerned with harnessing the magic of the moment – “a voyage of discovery, a quest to express those moments of ‘intense consciousness’, enjoying the surprising subtleties of glass forms and surfaces coupled with light.”

I work in series over varying periods of time, sometimes returning again and again to a fascination for a particular focus or enchantment. Within this there are two distinct aspects to my work – “the controlled reduced refinement, losing everything that is superfluous to the essence, and the opposite, trust to process resulting in intrinsically more spontaneous pieces….”

The resulting work is always conceptually driven.

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