rydym i gyd yn fregus / we are all fragile

04 April – 06 June 2020,
Ruthin Craft Centre
Mission Gallery Swansea Marina

Chris Bird-Jones has produced a series of spoon-like forms, both symbolic and sensuous. Handling these pieces requires gentle care; it needs to be considered and secure; pieces can be cradled in one’s arms, like a newborn child – one slip and all would be lost, shattered, mirroring the human condition, a life in balance.

The fragility of glass, as a man made material, reflects the ideas behind the work. There is a playful passion for light and movement, combined with the myriad magical qualities inherent in all forms of glass. Showing these pieces alongside moving images adds layers of reference and appeal; you may recognise traces of stories in this new body of work.
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Nant Mill Visitor Centre

The shadows, reflections and hues cast by the window celebrate the beauty and wonder of the surrounding natural environment in a dazzling beauty that people of all ages can appreciate.


Full of: love – water – sand – shells – milk – apples – plums – hope – coal – soil – paint – gifts – laundry – flowers – plants – potatoes – tomatoes – tadpoles – glass – air

Tree of Life and Knowledge

Set in Ysgol Dinas Bryn’s main entrance, the flowing ribbon tendril lines reflect pupil participation and refer to the seven continents celebrating Llangollen’s international links with music, dance and song.